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Clean POV started in 2014. The idea emerged with the desire to assist other busy families. We have a really busy family too with 2 children ages 6 and 7 and a new little one at 16 weeks. With such we too find it difficult to get to the house chores and felt if this was tough for us guaranteed others would be experiencing the same. Mike and Patty are professionals with the City of Ottawa and Health Canada so along with the children they also were preparing every day to get the kids off to school and then on to work and then rush rush rush the rest of the stuff untill one day everything changed.

2 years later Patty has taken the lead through her experiene as a business owner and sole entreprenure and drove sales through the roof, created a brand,and hired our newly formed Office. We also are proud of the various services now available

Cleaning : This is the heart of Clean POV, we are proud of the hundreds of families and busy professionals we help on a daily basis. 

Tidy- Organizing- In order to enjoy a clean home one also needs to have or seek to have a Tidy and Organized space. We understand through various life changes how freeing it is to get rid of the STUFF. It also is proven that less is better, and simlicty in the home frees the mind. Our team is available to help in one room or all. 

Pet Care and Dog Walking- this is a new part which makes up clean pov. So many of our clients have pets and they too need someone to stop in and say hello, give them a ear rub and take them for a walk. They are happier and so are we to spend an hour with a happy new friend :) This service is one our team loves and enjoys thoroughly. Our children indicate that one day they will be leading this!! I look forward to their initiavte in this area.

Interior Decor and Design - One day a pleasnt ladies resume crossed my desk and Immeidately I knew we wanted her to head up and lead our new division.


   Clean from every point of view

2017-03-13- Entrepreneur Journey

When a new path emerges!

All about the journey.

Are you like me and question the path? Do you wonder if there was something else how do you?
I have had the same questions and now have lived through all this while i transition.
I am sharing this because post divorce i remember not having $$ to get gas. Now years later I have a new family, a baby and a new company which i have worked so hard to build.
We collectively have researched how to manage our bills, how to change habits and monitor things differently.
Now out of the routine for two years my rhythm is so different. I am a chauffeur to school , i am a short kitchen cook, and run my own company.
What is so amazing about all of this us being in it 100% and an active participant instead of delegating childcare to another and over staffing my business while focusing on something else.
Have i been scared - yes !!Has it taken me a while to accept the answer - yes?
I have to admit i have gone to church more that i ever have in my life looking for the answer.
I have created a community for support and encouragement and a way to share stories and learn from others, while also sharing to help others at the beginning of the process which i have just come through.
Exciting times - especially as women start dreaming more and exploring what else.
Lean in women and listen to the universe.
We are all so busy - but there are many things we commit to which we can say no to!
For me - my home and my family need me and my company deserves my full attention!
No more off the side of my desk!
A proud moment.
Thank you Mom for listening and yesterday being with me when the light bulb went off and I accepted.

2017-02-15- Energy Conservation in our Homes,

Energy Saving Tips!

Who doesn’t like the idea of saving money? Clean POV suggest that you challenge yourself to make some change when it comes to energy usage in your home. If you have children, it is an excellent way to demonstrate to them how important it is to be energy efficient and care about our environment. We promise you will be surprised how small changes can bring you big savings!

Change the lights!
If you replace incandescent bulbs with ENERGY STAR certified LED bulbs, you will use 90% less electricity and even have them last for as long as 20 years! Make sure to choose the right LED: warm or soft white for bedrooms and living rooms; bright white or daylight for kitchens and work areas. Look for the ENERGY STAR label, they have been independently certified that they will save energy.

Make the shift
Think there’s no real savings by using clothes dryers and other appliances in less-expensive “off-peak” hours (during the winter, 7 p.m. to 7 a.m., weekends and holidays) Running a standard clothes dryer four hours a week during on-peak hours can cost almost $125 a year in as electricity. Running it in off-peak periods costs about $70.

Fall and winter
Make sure that the hydro you pay doesn’t literally go out the door by weatherproofing your home. In the fall or early winter, weather-strip your home around doors, fireplace dampers, and air conditioners. By reducing drafts, you could save up to 30 per cent a year on heating costs.

2017-02-09 Our First Blog Post

gerund or present participle: micromanaging
control every part, however small, of (an enterprise or activity).

I wanted to share this article this morning for a number of reasons.

We at Clean POV work hard to assist and train and mentor our operations team and cleaning team and trust they are doing all that is necessary in accordance to the details of each job order and training provided.

We understand everyone has and will established their own style that is reality in every occupation.

I guess what i am getting at is in my previous career I was micromanaged and hated it. I was asked to do things and always did them and then was asked again and again and my manager would look over me and others.

I refuse to work and be part of anything like this type of activity.

Having said that I have also seen many many posts on line about people having cleaners in to help and have some be with them and tell them how to and what is wanted and then checking and double checking. I agree with welcoming a crew and giving them a walk through and sharing areas of concern and then letting the teams or solo reps get in and get to work.

We have found in the thousands of cleans we have done some projects get delayed and clients are dissapointed in the end result because they stepped in to micromanage professionals who do this for a living. Yes we do this for a living and career.

So as a point to educate ensure the home office has all your details, you have provided a complete client form and have included all the applicable details so we can do our job.

From all of us at Clean POV
Enjoy your clean and sit back and enjoy the view.

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March 15, Clean POV Ottawa - Residential Cleaning Company

How to get rid of Soap Scum !!!! Help....

We get this request all the time about the bathrooms...

Let us shed some light on the topic and share what we do to help you in your own DIY crusade in home care and maintenance!

The products we stand by and believe in and safe for us and our teams- and ecologically responsible.

We love using norwex products take a look, https://pattysearl.norwex.biz/en_CA/customer/shop/Top_10_Products

See more at www.facebook.com/cleanpovottawa for more tips on how to weekly.

#cleanpovottawa, #bathroomcleaning, #Ottawacleaners, #hiringcleaningcompany

Watch for updates each month on where her and other entrepreneur friends will be in the Manotick, Barrhaven, Stittsville, Kanata area.


March 22,2017
Clean POV - Smart Investments make for a Safe Place; your own home !
We know the time and effort it takes to have a place of your own that you call home, along with the investment and sacrifices that go with along it. We, here at Clean POV. have worked hard by listening to local feedback and putting those suggestions into practice. We are focusing on those specific home cleaning service requests and we are so excited to bring about the first boutique style Cleaning Company!

If you have you ever been in a small town and walked into a store that was so nicely decorated and you were immediately welcomed by lovely aromas that make you want to have that same sense of welcome in your own home. That is exactly how we feel at Clean POV. As a little girl growing up in small towns I have always seeked out places in the big city which bring this same familiarity. Growing up in a town where you knew almost everyone brings with it a profound sense of being and belonging.
The storefronts so nicely decorated with large flower vases and abundance of foliage, that just seem to ooze a sense pride and welcome to everyone passing by.
One boutique in particular stays with me, they had vintage potpourri and candles, with sun catchers and wind chimes and today as I ponder over my own company and what I want my brand to represent, those meaningful and strong memories come to mind.

Clean POV wants to offer a warm welcome to those who benefit from our services and we want to come welcoming you - new and familiar patrons alike - by allowing us to feel like family.

I have found over the last three years those who get to know us within this business are open to communicating and sharing their needs fully and continuously enjoy receiving the best service from us. While others who may remain at a distance, aren't able to get to experience the full extent of what Clean POV is known for on a personal level and partake in those types of values and beliefs we bring to the Ottawa Cleaning Landscape.

I describe myself as fiercely personable and outgoing. I am a country girl who can make friends anywhere and is determined to make her mark in the big city!! I enjoy reaching out and following up with each of you. To get a glimpse and see what I mean, I invite you to join us on the various social media platforms I am on and our following. @cleanpov, and www.facebook.com/cleanpovottawa

I feel that this business needs a serious emphasis on building out our own backyard our friends and neighbours referrals has fueled our company. We welcome those in the West end, Barrhaven, Nepean, Manotick, Riverside South, Stittsville, Kanata, Old South/ Alta Vista, Glebe, Westboro to name a few communities in the City whom know and use us.
Let’s Clear the cobwebs and free our homes of dust and salt /sand from the winter and get ready for the flip flops and lighter wears! For those who are interested in learning more about our cleaning schedules we adhere to at this time of year, where we plan and research the many ways to deliver on Deep Cleans we invite you to reach out and get your questions answered!

Our friendly professional partners who work within Clean POV can assist with all your specific needs on any of the following:
Daily- wipe spills, wipe counters and surfaces, wash dishes , make beds, pick up laundry , do a load of laundry as needed. Tidy and put away items.
Twice Weekly- vacuum, sweep hard floors, clean sinks and taps, light switches, and cabinet knobs and door knobs, clean toilets, empty trash cans, water plants.
Weekly- outdoor work, clean tubs/showers, dust , sweep entry ways/ porches, clean change sheets, and clean pet areas /bedding.
Monthly- dust blinds, ceiling fans, lights, clean out fridges and stove, clean cabinet fronts, check filters on furnace and AC.

We recommend an interim maintain clean especially in areas like the tubs/ toilets/ kitchen when spills and food drops to assist our teams with their efforts. Quick wipes ease up some of the time to focus on other home needs instead of on one thing which could have been prevented and immediately remedied. Such areas that require additional attention are spray down tubs and toilets, dusting, changing sheets and cleaning pet beds/ eating areas.

Checklist Available for download – sign up for newsletter

We take pride in bringing this service to the many people who rely on us to help them feel comfortable with delegating such to do’s to someone they like know and trust. I take great pride in people who choose us and it is my great pleasure to deliver on our promise of an emphasis on safety / security and eco friendly principles employed through each and every service we provide.

Clean POV – Cleaning Services Company in the Ottawa Area & Barrhaven

Clean Out the Junk Drawer: A little dark secret of what’s in that drawer!!

Residential Cleaning tips on how to clean various spots in your home and or book a service with us at Clean POV to best help you and your home.

With the thousands of homes, we service we notice everyone has a ton of papers and stuff floating around their home, some have a work station in the kitchen with a ton of papers lingering around it and others have stuff in their master bedroom on the dresser, while others have a cozy office tucked away. We all need help with the multitude of mail STUFF that comes in and the multitude of receipts we collect in our day to day activities.

If your like me there’s a few things within your drawer hidden from everyone. There could be :



-Childproofing electrical outlet covers

-Small Allen keys from ikea furniture

-Screws nuts – wall plugs

-A nut cracker- “ I never use I will add” 😊

Does this little drawer ever get emptied?

I wanted to write about this because we all get comfortable with how things are and where they are!

This past weekend I closed my laptop and kept my phone on silent and watched Marilyn Denis a few times.I learnt about blinds and how to create roman shades which I am actually going to try and a few more tips for book shelves which I have already implemented and arranged so things look so much better! I cleared all my thousands of nick naks and books and wow does it ever look better.I think cleaning out my truck from the accident gave me the push to check out other areas in my living spaces and made me evaluate what is important and what I need to keep or chuck…

Something freeing when you pull everything out and keep only what is needed. The rest – see you later!

Next will be my fridge!!

Tips for you – grab a couple boxes.

1)Throw everything out which no longer serves a purpose.

2)Sort into piles--- you all know this! Keep- donate- garbage…. DO IT!!

3)Recycle some of that junk too…

4)Consignment- we love ricochet and boomerang

5)You also are part of so many groups- there is buy sell or free area you reside.

Lastly… home cleaning!!

My team can help with that, we have a one-time, weekly, biweekly, monthly and move in- out cleans.



#residentialcleaning, #Ottawa, #yow, #emergencycleaning, #cleanmyhome

Ottawa Cleaning Expert Coffee Chat,

Patty is now Barrhaven -Ottawa West Femcity Leader

April  15, 2017

When you have come so far and worked so hard it is easy to feel comfortable pointing out something not so right!

Driving down the road, I share a space with many others and varying degrees of expertise. It really is a paradox, isn’t it? We trust those very little experience around us- frightening I may add.

Always providing inspirational blogs and information to our Cleaning Community.

Join our newsletter for promotions and specials.

Ever have an ah ha moment when you are just openly sharing and someone say’s I want to be your friend. I am no stranger to the business world and can openly share some ideas, suggestions, and some comments about what I hear and listen to as others share. My reach is in the thousands and various cities and communities across Canada. I guess having a previous company within the MLM world you quickly learn to reach and go outside your comfort level.

A feeling of who do I think I am...on my way to a meet up and then thought yes I am me.

I have always held events, met people even if just one person showed up.

It always surprises me when people come in and up to me and stick out their hand to shake mine and introduce themselves. Many love the cleaning company brand we have carved out and created.

I recently read a lesson from my studies that told us to get over status and just be people. We develop this preconceived notion that others are better or above us and yet we all do similar things, we are het stuck at some point in our lives and we all think its the way it is and remain stuck because we don't want to ask or bother others.

I have held hundreds of women meet ups over the last 10 years and participated in boards as a leader- the chair or President and I have never once felt that I know it all or thought I was better I simply showed up listened and shared my thoughts.

Today I was reminded of the power I have and the skill I have practiced over and over again, which is the ask. Our Residential Cleaning company has grown with Help and Clean POV really is encompassing many others point of view to improve.

I just ask for help, I ask for advise, I ask others what they think and I always lean into leaders to help me with various ways of thinking and ideas.

I am not saying I know it all, heck I have a few business coaches guiding me and helping me find my way and voice. And, who too are quick to point out a “what are you doing”, “maybe try this approach”, and I listen and try. Clean POV Residential Cleaning can get better and we will keep trying to best we can with the people we have and daily try to learn more of how to deliver on experience. I always try and tweak and am highly coachable.

I have my issues- and I have some things that hold me back too just like other.But, as I look in the rearview mirror I truly understand the power and strength within. Today, we ask for your help in growing our community to 1000. Like us at www.facebook.com/cleanpovottawa

As I navigate in the small business realm, I was reminded last night with a personal post that I am too open and public now and my personal safety and my families safety should be put first. For a second I was like, argh can’t I be like everyone else and then it dawned on me I am different now. I am in the public eye and I am an active participant in the business and service delivery business and that brings with it open criticism and danger.

I share this with you all in a very personal blog, because I was that women who did cleaning and was the women so many referred. Shortly, thereafter so many referred me that there came a time I needed help to help all of you. I took necessary steps to make it a

REAL Company which many of you appreciate. Always doing things the right way

I have always held events, met people even if just one person showed up.

See my facebook post lately about this, https://www.facebook.com/psearl/posts/10158480989300125

It always catches me off guard when people come in and up to me and stick out their hand to shake mine and introduce themselves. They admire my social media posts and dedication to building my brand and a company. Many get stuck and are stuck and need a push or ideas to give their ideas flight. I am no stranger to such.😊

In one of my business classes, our coach clearly told us to get over “status” and just be people. She went on to further share how we over analyze, and we soon develop this preconceived notion that others are better or above us (we all know this- not new) and yet we all do similar things as HUMANS. Our stuck at some point in our lives can be resolved when we just ask another some ideas and opinions.

I have held hundreds of meet ups over the last 10 years and participated in boards as a leader, the Chair or President and I have never once felt that I know it all or thought I was better I simply showed up listened and shared my thoughts to better something.

Today I was reminded of the power I have and the skill I have practiced over and over again, which is the ask.

I just ask for help, I ask for advise, I ask others what they think and I always lean into leaders to help me with various ways of thinking and ideas.

It is the same with my company, Clean POV Ottawa www.cleanpov.com . Please just email and ask us how we can help. Yes, there are fees involved and note they are not the same as a person doing this as they are not in the same category as us.

Many things change when you grow and we are so proud of the growth!!!

Bring on 2017 and 2018 – I am excited to see what happens all because I went in 100%.



April 20, 2017

We all have a finger print for a reason- copy cat syndrome! Clean POV Residential Cleaning in Ottawa  

I recently posted about copy cat syndrome and after one of my best friends shouted out that some new to the industry of MLM and Business copy others because they feel they need to in order to gain traction and she was right. I remember when I first started I watched and observed so many others and it was then I said regardless of the company and it dawned on me that each MLM and Direct Sales company must ensure the training is comprehensive for their brand and that ensures their company is consistent in the images and words said in various social media platforms. We can all appreciate this. Having followed rules my whole life I understand but I also learned quite quickly through mentoring from my business coach that one way you will stand out is to Brand YOU.. I mean we all have a different flare and fashion, foot print and finger print and from there we will organically attract those who gravitate to our story and our ideas. As we navigate through business and companies our reason WHY becomes so much more evident and this becomes the magnetic force which fuels all companies and allows one to experience traction. Believe me I have not learnt this over night, it only took about 8 years to figure out and kind of perfect!!!   My company is branded with my WHY all over it. I started Clean POV as a result of leaving the MLM world and branching off to create my own company where I was the CEO and Boss. I must admit I was a little tired of home office telling me what I could and couldn’t and felt it was time to work on my own project. I am not bashing their systems in any way just to reiterate but at the time in my life a change was needed and so the birth of Clean POV – Clean from my point of view company came to life.   I also wanted to significantly change the way people thought of cleaning and how they cared for their home. After reading so many studies about home chemicals and looking at statistics surrounding cancer in the home and those rates increase as one works from home my views changed surrounding all items and chemicals brought into the home. At which time I found out about norwex and immediately knew I was onto something.   With regulating medical device and pharmaceutical companies around the world I have been privy to almost 18 years work of clean room and manufacturing ISO and procedural preparation from these companies shared with health Canada for approval of licensing. I worked closely with approving and creating licences for these companies and that also included daily discussions with hospitals, health care facilities and border to ensure the safety and approval of such products for use in Canada. As a project, Manager overseeing thousands of files, this experience was immediately carried over to my own project and my own company.   I set up our company with a business plan and it clearly outlined all the important – must haves for me to want to participate and fully develop this company.   Over the last three years you can see through our social media how we have carved out our own niche in the Ottawa Market and more recently expansion to other cities in Ontario. While, we are still a a ways from that a company like ours and the success we have experienced is as a result of me clearly being aware of my uniqueness and personal branding with no copy cat syndrome here!!   Thank you Ottawa for appreciating what we at Clean POV bring to the Cleaning Industry in the Ottawa Area.   Patty Xoxo

Self Care - April 27,2015

Discipline – full attention to what the task ahead is. All senses tuned to this moment. Be aware moment by moment helps to keep you on track for your visions   Living in this MOMENT!   This week we will be sharing about the need for selfcare inside and out.   In my newsletter we talked about the retreat I went to on Saturday April 22, 2017 and I had an amazing time. While I didn’t stay over like many others I stayed to the end and had a beautiful time. When was the last time you went to a retreat or space like what Strathmere has to offer? When we think of selfcare, we think about fruits and veggies, yoga and greens 😊 We use greens religiously, we also drink matcha tea, and we get our hangs dirty with soil and sand. Gardening is in me and a must. Many who know me also know I love to work in my office in the morning and afternoons I must get out and enjoy the sun and smiles of my son who this year will help me water the plants and flowers and help me build a tire pond. I have 2 old tires I have hung onto for a while now and last night it came to me. A little water hole in the middle of the yard which I know he and the other kids will love.  Picture: I have also implemented many bird feeders from Gilligallou ( https://www.facebook.com/GilligallouBird/ ) on Preston St. and wow the wildlife in the middle of the City is incredible. I am really enjoying so many rabbits, chipmunks and birds since we added more trees and regularity top up the bird feeders to encourage the regular stop ins on their way. We also added a window feeder so the kids can see up close and personal which has been a great hit in my home. Do you have some summer projects planned around the house? A reno? Painting? Landscaping project? I would also love to finish painting my home throughout, and paint a few doors black. A trend and look I am in love with. As we visit so many homes and see various styles you all encourage me with your style and taste!!!

#cleanpov, #ottawacleaning, #boutiquecleaningcompany

Clean POV Residential Cleaning Co. Speaking about Emergency Preparedness and sharing useful information you can print off for your families.  

We don’t want to think of such things happening where we live, but emergencies do happen and we need a plan!   Are you and your family prepared?

When you buy a home near the water do you know if it is in a flood zone, has your insurance details been read and understood. What relief is available should something happen? DO you have a plan? Is there a back up generator in case power is lost? Some back up food and water in case needed? I know a lot to think about and in many cases, we don’t think it could happen to us but look what has happened! We are near water and it can happen and has happened.   My heart goes out to the worry and stress of those affected and the panic as the water rose to protect their homes and personal assets. I have cried many times, seeing the photos and videos being posted by hundreds over the last week.   In our effort to educate our audience and community we have a newsletter this week that talks about emergency preparedness and attachments and resources we can all benefit from.   The clean up and the next few months will be trying and sad for so many and I hope they get back on their feet the best they can. We have an amazing community surrounding us and having been near some of the sites seriously affected I know there are hundreds and hundreds ready to help when asked. Including all the trades. This past weekend has reminded us to all be aware and to ensure we are all prepared. This topic is near and dear to me as I started 18 years ago on the occupational health and safety committee within my government office and then later mentored by those who created to first federal committee then on to lead the committees at each building my job took me.  I later went on to assist as a project lead on the emergency preparedness organization which helped formalized plans for all of the federal government. I have eluded in past newsletters and my online posts about seeking out risk and preparing for them in my own company and this is why. We all overlook plans like this thinking it may never happen but we know from incidents around the world it could happen. When it does the plans in place which are routinely tested can be activated and used. Using my government language, haha does ensure the plans are activated in an organized manner ensuring all involved knew exactly what needs to be done. In times of chaos and uncertainty people can’t think and need some to help guide them. Planning and exercises do help but in this case, there was no plan in place. The city may have some “what if” plans, and the military would have another agenda and strict chain of commend to follow to be called in when needed. We are not sure would things have been dealt with differently should the plans be in place to have mitigated the destruction felt by so many. We are not sure but we do know this is where Ottawa is now – so lets all prepare now to ensure we have our own personal plans in place in case the things we trust and take for granted may not be there. In the case of our local devastation, there are many things to be said about the reaction to the incident, and the lack of plans in place to respond immediately. In an effort to help our audience we have pulled together local and federal links and sites filled with information to help. We trust you will find this newsletter and blog beneficial and please share it to ensure those who know also have a plan in place in case, along with contact emergency information in place to reach someone to help should you need. Especially beneficially for those with young children and living in their homes alone, or those who have no family in the area.

Please see: Emergency Preparedness for Canadians – get your kit ( we don’t expect things like this to happen in our neighbourhood but it can) https://www.getprepared.gc.ca/cnt/rsrcs/pblctns/yprprdnssgd/index-en.aspx  

City of Ottawa Preparedness- http://ottawa.ca/en/residents/older-adults/safety/emergency-preparedness#emergency-notifications-flooding-information  

You tube – prepared https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tMNcE2KVI9k  

AirBNB – Ottawa   ( waiving fees to help at this time for those in need of shelter) https://www.airbnb.ca/disaster/ottawaregionfloods   We hope everyone affected is safe and gets the resources necessary promptly to fix and repair and if needed please reach out for cleaning help our team is available too as needed. Also wondering how you can give, please see our facebook business page about what and where to give if you are unable to make it to sites and locations to physically help.

See www.facebook.com/cleanpovottawa.

Patty CEO – President of Clean POV Ottawa, www.cleanpov.com  

            December 9, 2019 - Cafe Cristal @9:30am

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