What areas of Ottawa do you service? —  CleanPOV™ services all areas of Ottawa with a concentration in the West, including some outlying areas such as Greely, Richmond, Osgoode and Carlton Place.

Are you insured and is your cleaning team trustworthy? — CleanPOV™ is insured and all members of our cleaning team have gone through a screening process and have a valid police security check.

How many people will be cleaning my home and will they be the same every time? — Depending on the size of your home and the type of cleaning you are having done, there will either be 1 or 2 people cleaning your home.  Whenever possible we try to keep the same people cleaning your home every time but due to availability and changing dates or times of cleanings we will have to arrange for a different person(s) on our team.  

Are your team members trained? — All cleaning teams are trained in the same manner for the same period of time so your home will be cleaned in the same, consistently clean manner no matter who is cleaning it. We at any given time also will train on new products on site and may have a new trainee person shadowing up and learning also. All work will be quality checked to our standards.

Will you pick up around the house as well as doing the cleaning? — While we will pick up items left in the way so we can clean your space appropriately, we ask all clients to tidy up as much as possible so we can spend the allotted time making your space beautiful and clean again.

How can I communicate with the team cleaning my home? — We ask all clients to communicate needs and wants with home office. We ensure all notes and emails in to us to tweak services gets attached to the work order and our agreement of work within your home.

What do I need to provide to the cleaning team?  — CleanPOV™ is happy to provide the cleaning products and appliances, however, we are happy to use everything you have already at your house if you wish.

What forms of payment does CleanPOV™ accept and when is payment due? — CleanPOV™ accepts all credit cards as well as e-transfers.  

Payment is due upon receipt of your invoice and no later then the days end of the day of your cleaning.  This means yes, you can pay in advance of the cleaning.  If there is any discrepancy afterwards with added time we will invoice you again for the additional amount.


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