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Life is about giving and helping others in the community !

On any given day we see so many quote requests come in and it is so interesting to see the variations in priorities and requests and reasons why people need our services.


This nominate them for a house cleaning of their priorities is our way of giving back to those who need us. It is  instead of dinner in for two, spa nordic gift certificates, supperworks pick up or Strathmere Spa services ( which from time to time we also give away )

We will be picking a lucky winner who shares their specific priorities on the quote request form and we will gift them us and we will conduct those services needed from us within the Month of  January 2021.  


I know the other things are amazing too but this is even better !!!


Who would pass up house cleaning to a service?


How to win -

1) Submit a request for a quote

2)  We will send you a form to fill out so we better understand the persons home and needs -Include the priorities on the intake questionnaire

3) Ensure we have the correct contact Information to reach you or the person you nominate...

(In the special instructions section please note why you are nominating this person for selection purposes )


We will send you a confirmation and advise when we have chosen someone to gift to.


Thank you !

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