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Clean ‍‍‍POV Concierge Services

Let us Drop of‍‍‍f & Pick up Dry Cleaning

Let us pick up groceries and put th‍‍‍em away

Help with any appointme‍‍‍nts

Let us meet the trades at y‍‍‍our home

Water your plants and mind‍‍‍ the house

Travel P‍‍‍ick  UP

Arrange other servic‍‍‍‍‍‍es through our affliate network

Realtors- Home Inspectors- Movers- Home Stagers- Carpet Cleaning- Window Cleaning - Car Cleaning- General Contractors- Landscaper‍‍‍s - Exterior Maintenance- Savings on All Household Services Partner.

"We want everything to work seamlessly and for you to feel less stress"‍‍‍!

"Complimentary" services available: cleaning out your lint trap, disinfect and deodorizing your garbage cans, fresh sheets put on b‍‍‍eds, Mattress Cleaner Spray, additional holiday or special occasion help available, Decoration Services, Packing and decluttering, arrange removal and arrange pick up for donation.  

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