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Thank you FreshBooks for the customer call and the kudos to all we do.

" Thank you very much for the chat today. I’m thrilled with how well FreshBooks has suited your business and helped you succeed. I’m also extremely impressed at what you’ve built as a company in bar‍‍‍ely over a year. Your future looks extremely bright as an entrepreneur!  "

I was proud to share my story and I know it will inspire others to reject their current lives/ corporate and follow their passion as I have to help others.

They shared numbers with me and we yelled and screamed --amazing right!!!


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Good evening Patty,
I want to thank you, Ann and POV for the beautiful flowers today. It was such a sweet surprise along with another fantastic clean. Your compan‍‍‍y really goes the extra distance to make people feel special. I do appreciate that you are always able to accommodate my requests.
Thank you so much.