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About Us


Cleaning Services ~ Subscription Cleaning Boxes ( mailed to you across Canada)
~ Consulting Services for Start- Up Industry Partners
Terms of Service- Important Read

We now offer Monthly Cleaning Subscription Boxes

Cleaning Package  

This is the main package and essentials for your home. It will include everything needed and will also include other items from the other packages as we evolve.

Laundry Package  

Will be within the Cleaning Package


Specific to type will be launched soon

Clean Eatting add on

Coming Soon

We are excitedly reaching out to many eco companies who will be featured in our subscription boxes.


Our launch will include 25 boxes and of those individual subscribers will happily become our own - VIP Founding Members and our own advisory committee!!! A win win for all of us.


I will try my best to source and package the very best that aligns with my brand and mission : of mindful homes and one home at a time changed for the better. Everyone's feedback will be obtained and reviewed for the continual improvement of the BOX :)


We are excited to get this started at home and watch it grow year after year just like our Cleaning Company!!!!


Spa & Relaxation add on

Will be within the Cleaning Package


Specific to type will be launched soon.

Pets add on

Coming Soon

now featured within Clean POV

We take on the errand running for you-

Each box will be meticulously packaged with a month of eco- cleaning products and supplies anticipated plus a locally sourced surprise in every BOX! I want to bring you JOY and I want you to know a expert sourced- researched and put in the work so you can safely clean your home and provide you with something to remind YOU about YOU!!!


Right now finding the right things - for the right places in the home and safe for all our new product surfaces you don't want to use just anything without an expert backing it!!

When we shut down in 2020 due to covid our company imploded and Patty ( CEO and Owner) quickly pivoted to provided errand and grocery shopping services for those in isolation, our senior or immune jeopardized clients and young families. While out and about with customer lists an idea emerged and she found making more recommendations to switch to an alternative safer products occurred over and over again.

A year later - after hundreds of hours of time put in listening to podcasts and audible books she stumbled upon futureproofing, automation and subscription boxes and the rest is history now !!

Alot of this is seeking & finding, sourcing- researching- vendor meeting  products that align with our core values and as experts in the field we know what works and what to strongly avoid at all costs!!!


Safer Essentials

Essentially 6 items and tools can be used within this area. We will be sure you have them to clean happily and safely. If there is anything you will need in addition we will provide description and details within.

See More Details


One can do it all

This will be key to the Cleaning Box and the items within will clean this area in a healthy way-

See More Details


With pets and children

in mind!



Reduced Footprint

A few packages to start- more to come!


Always gets better with time.

Sign up for your own monthly Cleaning BOX- Mindful Home!

*limited number of boxes available

We will accept the first 25 subscribers and open up to more the following month.

We will follow up with everyone as needed

Cleaning BOX