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Our clients notice the professional people we hire and we are ready to welcome new staff to Clean POV. Many people are seeking flexible work/ optional lifestyles with work schedule that best suits them and their families needs. Many work when their children are at school and desire to be back in time to meet the bus like I do.  Rarely do we have nights or wekeend work- on occasion.

We find those who work best here :
Have an ability to immediately sense the kind of help that is require in a home upon entry. We all know the new reality of busy with many working from home- virtual home schooling- pets are all home and we are all doing the best we can within the current times.

With the proper PPE - safety social distancing and products in place we safely conduct the work we need.

If we could wave a magic wand we would be in every home in the city which is a dream but the ones we are welcomed into deserve the very best we can give for them to feel that sense of pride and relief that they have someone who cares as much as they do to uplift and transform their busy chaos into a calm cozy place they can rest and recharge to take on the tomorrows.


I understand the burden of doing it all and to be quite frank we don't need to hold on to all of that any more. That old saying stands truer than ever that it takes a village and it takes others to help for us to be our very best. The mental and physical fatigue is real and we all need to lean into each other to help. That is the kind of time I also want here. A bunch of team players who work well together, who identify where help is needed and steps in to assist the team. WIth a stronger team anything is possible. I believe that and have seen it.

Our Employees;

Must Have: a strong and solid cleaning experience ,enjoy working and leading people , enjoy challenging and different work environments, comfortable driving all over the city.

Available Monday to Friday with the occasional Saturday morning.

Duties: perform cleaning as per site's schedule and standards, identify safety or maintenance issues and communicate them to home office and home owner, ensure clients facilities are locked and secure, able to handle requests and make decisions for the team while updating home office after clean, deliver supplies and equipment to the team as needed, perform project work and other cleaning duties, responsible for the quality check and wrap up of the project.

Email and internet savvy, industry knowledge and keen attention to details, work independently and able to identify work that need to be done and do it without being instructed to do so.Able to start immediately and have an updated security / police criminal check.

Contact us at cleanpov@gmail.com or call 613.697. 8421 to set up a interview.


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