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Patty Searl - President of Clean POV

Welcome to Clean POV­­­™

Leading Ottawa's Cleaning industry as an Award Winning Favourite Cleaning Company for 2019 .

Our Mission:  To use water activated products and continue to research and use the best products and supplies in the industry and make a difference one home at a time.

Goal: Maintain the highest dependable and reliable professional service clients choose and quickly learn how important our relationship is.

Things have changed and so have the practices within this industry we will never be like others.

Thousands rely on us as the best professional house management lifestyle brand who assist with improved home flow, cleaning and task related services. We ensure the care and preservation of the most valuable asset you own is cared for!!!  


Our Specialty -  

Approved Service Provider For DND & Canadian Forces

Serving - Essential Workers in the Capital 

Clean POV proud to serve military and uniform personnel.

We specialize in providing a premium service to the Military, Uniform, Emergency Personnel, City, Government Officials in the Capital.

For CFCard holders- you can find us on the private member portal to access our VIP information for you specifically.

We provide daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly cleans to the many who feel pulled in a million different directions and strive to simplify their lives with delegated services in a discreet and unbranded way- respecting privacy within the home.

Finally someone who can help and someone you can fully trust with the most important financial asset in your life.


Our Packages




Who doesn't love a completely cleaned home? We have done thousands of homes and to best serve on a long term basis almost all clients at start up opt for this package.We have tons of experience  to help you get started and maintaining your home with the Refresh package . Starting your home on a plan   will be top of mind our team when we see your home and learn how you live within it.

Ready to experience your home maintained by experts like us? We recommend the other two packages first and let us set your home up on a pre-planned Checklist specific to your home and needs. Our step-by-step plan will bring you peace of mind that the important areas in your home are clean for continual use! Keep you and your family healthy!

Looking to enjoy the other two packages weekly, biweekly or monthly you will want to check out this team cleaning package first.

Contact us :

Mobile - (613) 697.8421


Your Home:


We understand how difficult and uncomfortable this is for so many.

Trust us when we say we have taken all precautions to ensure you home is safe with us.

Let's find a service that will fit the time and budget you have and free up time and stress from a on-going to do list.



We take a very focused approach to your home starting with the Kitchen and Bathrooms because we know the most time spent on cleaning are these areas.

We want to ensure bacteria and germs are not spread through the home and spend a majority of our serviceable time in these areas and then work through the rest of the home.

Ask us about Kitchen and Bathroom only Services and or a One- Time or  Deep Clean.



Our professional team will move through dusting and tidying beds, clearing the way with clothes and helping to make a cozy haven for you when you get home. We will fold your towels and blankets, make your bed all in time for when you get home to start all over again! Need a more frequent service? We can do that too.


Need alittle extra done? Ask our expert tidy and organize expert to help.

mom new




As we become a regular home service provider to you we quickly learn how you and family lives within and the specific needs we must pay attention to. We work hard long after the cleaning to ensure we have just the right plan to serve. We do not cookie cut our services to a one fits all - we pay attention to the details of each and every single home we serve.  

Many have enjoyed what we bring for years on service and they know their home is in good hands!


Our Environmental Responsibility,

We use Norwex and Eco Branded, non- animal testing and free of toxins type products  that will not  harm or mimic hormones.  

We want to enhance the happiness you feel when you walk into your home. We also do not believe clean needs to smell!

Our family with children and pets deserve the very best and those who trust our Brand enjoy the same extension of our beliefs and ethics surrounding house cleaning

We believe in  less impact on us  and the planet.

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