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About Us


Terms of Service- Important Read

Lily & Phoebe On-line Boutique for Pets


 Livingroom Kitchen Bathrooms

Award Winning Eco- Friendly Cleaning Service

Excellence- Natural Clean- Trustworthy- Dependable-  Insured - Registered - Receipts Provided

Ottawa & Surrounding Area

We help you continually make your home look its best

We clean houses and ensure your home is air and surface safe for everyone within!

We believe in healthier alternatives within the Cleaning Industry and want to be a contributor and influencer for change that others can look up to!


The old cleaning methods are outdated and so are the products and supplies used. We threw out the mop and bucket a long time ago.



Who better to have in your home , improve your life and your health within!

I look forward to working with you.


Patty Searl

CEO- Founder of Clean POV Ottawa

  • home services expert



Select Products- Norwex & Ultraone


Humane Society Partner

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meticulous Clean

We know how to make a room look its best

It will be ready for you to start all over again or to to have the photographer in to sell !!!

Spa Retreat

Bathrooms look great when the sun shines in!


Every detail matters

Completely sanitized- product dwell time for effectiveness adherence; Surfaces, Toilets, Walls, Tubs, Showers, Floors, Sinks, Mirrors and all cupboards/ vanities.


Light up the whole room

Regular Maintenance ensures this area is clean and safe for you and your family or guests. No compromising in this area and is a priority to all clients. Sanitized - reducing all food-borne bacteria is removed and safe for reuse.


Tidy and Clean

If you are anything like me you have kids, pets and lots of pillows in your room. I love fresh sheets, clean side tables and vacuumed floors with a small hint of linen spray to finish my bedroom!


Our mission is to help one home at a time!

                     Mindful Home

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