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We hope to clean your space and give you the time you need to spend on the more important things in life.  Please take the time to look around, schedule a cleaning and provide us with all the details necessary to help us make your space the place you want it to be again.  

We provide a number of options for how often you would like your home cleaned as well as a number of qualified, professional service reps who will make your space shine.

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A Customized Clean just for you, in Ottawa Surrounding Areas.

Environmental Responsible- safe for pets/ children and our teams!

Kitchen- Bedroom- Living Room- Bathrooms- Floors.

Happiness is what you feel when you walk into a home where we have been.

The many professionals understand being trusted with your home and will ensure the project is complete on time and in budget.

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Approved Service Provider with DND and Candian Forces. Blue Cross Accounts in Place.

We specialize in Canadian Forces Moves. You can find us on the CF - private member portal to access our VIP promotions.

We also welcome Realtors who Work with Military Personnel on the Move.

We provide daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly cleans to the many who feel pulled in a million different directions and strive to simplify their lives with delegated services.



How we started:

It was 6 years ago we decided we needed to help other professionals like ourselves. 50K toilets later :) here we are.

Clean POV came about with Mike being the initial cleaner and Patty on the Business and operations side of things. He worked for the City of Ottawa and her Health Canada while also running a successful side business with Stella & Dot Jewellery and Hand bags. She being no stranger to Ottawa assisted hundreds of women run in home trunkshows so the idea to open a cleaning company with Mike as a no brainer. She later closed one company and opened another. Those friends and family in her one company easily transferred to her other and enjoyed the pleasure of having cleaned homes for any event they planned.

The success Clean POV has experienced is incredible.

Within 6 months, Clean POV  was in a position to start hiring and more and more clients gravitated to them as an alternative to the other companies out there. Melanie and Stacy were among our original Team Members- always requested and created the ground work for the expectations on service delivery. Both women we originally hired were from the Military community we are so proud to be part of. Mike and his parents a Military family made the decision easy to partner with DND and Canadian Forces. Becoming an approved service provider and a company who helped and hired in the community initially become a major part of the business plan. Specializing in military moves is what we do in 2017.

Patty Brings Strong Community involvement.

Involvement in Policing at the Halton Regional Police Department in Home Safety and neighbourhood watch, and then Ottawa Police Department in Victim Witness Services and was a board member in the Executive Neighbourhood Watch Committee.

We bring to the Ottawa Community a strong Cleaning Company that takes pride in being registered- insured- conduct background checks and police checks-  bring all we need- professionals working within - provide receipts- eco responsible and alternative cleaning products and methods and understand busy families lives like us. All our products are safe for our children, pets and home surfaces and so are safe for you and our teams working within. We bring all we need to any clean.

Your Home:

Thank you for asking us to help! We understand how difficult and uncomfortable this is for so many. Trust us when we say we have taken all precautions to ensure you home is safe with us.

Let's find a service that will fit the time and budget you have and free up time and stress from a on-going to do list.


We take a very focused approach to your home starting with the Kitchen and Bathrooms because we know the most time spent on cleaning are these areas.

We want to ensure bacteria and germs are not spread through the home and spend a majority of our servicable time in these areas and then work through the rest of the home.

Ask us about Kitchen and Bathroom only Services and or a One- Time or  Deep Clean.


Our professional team whisp through dusting and tidying beds, clearing the way with clothes and helping to make a cozy haven for you when you get home. Much like a hotel ahhhh experience we will fold your towels and blankets, we will help make your rushed out of bed sheets and thrown all over pillows so you can simply drop the keys when you walkin and drop to your comfy cozy bed for a quick snooze if you wish and recharge for a blissful evening doing other things aside from household chores.

Need alittle extra done? Ask our expert tidy and organize expert to help.

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Within 30mins. you will get a follow up email from patty@cleanpov.com giving you information on our packages and a questionnaire you need to complete. If you do not received it please email us back as soon as possible to best help you in your home. thank you  

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