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Ottawa's Premier Eco- Friendly Award winning Company. We use the best products and supplies in the Industry safe for our team, people, pets and the planet.


We hope to clean your space on an on-going basis so that you can really benefit fully on what we have to offer through our professional mature and experienced house managers.


We strive to ease the burden you feel once you delegate this task to us.


Please take the time to look around, schedule a cleaning and provide us with all the details necessary to help us make your space the place you want it to be again.  

We provide a number of options for how often you would like your home cleaned as well as a number of qualified, professional service reps who will make your space shine.

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Residential Cleaning

A la carte services also available to ensure you get exactly what you want within budget.


Environmental Responsible- Norwex and Eco Branded, non- animal testing and free of toxins that create harm or mimic hormones.


Happiness is what you feel when you walk into a home where we have been clean does not have to smell and shouldn't!


The many professionals understand the privilidefe of being trusted with your home and will ensure the project is done respecting your privacy in unbranded vehicles ensuring your home is not a target with service.

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Clean POV proud to serve military and uniform personnel.


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Approved Service Provider with DND and Candian Forces. Blue Cross Accounts in Place.

We specialize in Canadian Forces Moves. You can find us on the CF - private member portal to access our VIP promotions.

We also welcome Realtors who Work with Military Personnel on the Move.

We provide daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly cleans to the many who feel pulled in a million different directions and strive to simplify their lives with delegated services.


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Your Home:

We understand how difficult and uncomfortable this is for so many.

Trust us when we say we have taken all precautions to ensure you home is safe with us.

Let's find a service that will fit the time and budget you have and free up time and stress from a on-going to do list.


We take a very focused approach to your home starting with the Kitchen and Bathrooms because we know the most time spent on cleaning are these areas.

We want to ensure bacteria and germs are not spread through the home and spend a majority of our servicable time in these areas and then work through the rest of the home.

Ask us about Kitchen and Bathroom only Services and or a One- Time or  Deep Clean.

Bedroom cleaning and tidy
Kitchen cleaning and tidy.


Our professional team will move through dusting and tidying beds, clearing the way with clothes and helping to make a cozy haven for you when you get home. We will fold your towels and blankets, make your bed all in time for when you get home to start all over again! Need a more frequent service? We can do that too.


Need alittle extra done? Ask our expert tidy and organize expert to help.

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