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Clean POV started in 2014. The idea emerged with the desire to assist other busy families. We have a really busy family too with 2 children ages 6 and 7 and a new little one at 16 weeks. With such we too find it difficult to get to the house chores and felt if this was tough for us guaranteed others would be experiencing the same. Mike and Patty are professionals with the City of Ottawa and Health Canada so along with the children they also were preparing every day to get the kids off to school and then on to work and then rush rush rush the rest of the stuff untill one day everything changed.

2 years later Patty has taken the lead through her experiene as a business owner and sole entreprenure and drove sales through the roof, created a brand,and hired our newly formed Office. We also are proud of the various services now available

Cleaning : This is the heart of Clean POV, we are proud of the hundreds of families and busy professionals we help on a daily basis. 

Tidy- Organizing- In order to enjoy a clean home one also needs to have or seek to have a Tidy and Organized space. We understand through various life changes how freeing it is to get rid of the STUFF. It also is proven that less is better, and simlicty in the home frees the mind. Our team is available to help in one room or all. 

Pet Care and Dog Walking- this is a new part which makes up clean pov. So many of our clients have pets and they too need someone to stop in and say hello, give them a ear rub and take them for a walk. They are happier and so are we to spend an hour with a happy new friend :) This service is one our team loves and enjoys thoroughly. Our children indicate that one day they will be leading this!! I look forward to their initiavte in this area.

Interior Decor and Design - One day a pleasnt ladies resume crossed my desk and Immeidately I knew we wanted her to head up and lead our new division.


    Clean from every point of view

Welcome to my Company and it would be our pleasure to help you.

I have spent a lot of time trying to figure things out and through trial and error we have finally established one Stellar Team of Professionals who I believe will passionately live out the brand I have created with passion and integrity and the desire to please. We collectively hope to clean your space and give you the time you need to spend on the more important things in life. Please take the time to look around, schedule a cleaning and provide us with all the details to make your space the place you want to be again. We provide a number of options for how often you want your space cleaned as well as a number of qualified, professional CleanPOV™ service reps who will make your space shine.

Patty in the media:


Living life fully - http://pierretteraymond.com/patty-searl/

Business Success- https://lisalarter.com/patty-searl-shares-why-she-chose-the-pilot-project-for-her-direct-selling-business/‍‍‍




For those who have known me knew of me as a career driven women (18 years at Health Canada ‍‍) who when I put my mind to something the sky’s the limit with my innate big dreams and beliefs. I never thought in a million years that my path would completely change after the birth of my second son to the right here. Jax not only made me think about the life after his birth but also the path that I wanted post his arrival. I have opted to reject the traditional wake early and rush breakfast to run out the door and head into an early morning commute. I instead enjoy a week on and week off approach to parenting with our other two children from previous marriages, and baby Jax home with me daily.

I now enjoy living a life I choose and within terms that work best for our new blended family.

This choice was an easy one for me, and now I have the privilege of helping You and your families after you have left for work for the day. Thank you for delegating the task of taking care of your home so our elite team can get your home ready for your arrival.

Don‘t forget we also have other services for your pets, home care when you travel, pick up laundry and groceries, and decor tidy and organize services.  

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