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To provide employment to those in our community and be of service to those who trust us all while providing for our own family!!! Clean POV is clean from our point of view with a heart in our logo to share we are all in ...


We take great pride in our lifestyle brand.....

and it brings us so much joy showing up as a preferred professional house partner to thousands in the Capital.

We seek to lead with thorough efficient and effective business practices in a honesty and transparent manner. We use our initial intake to ensure your home is one we can assist within. We do not take any project if it does not meet our criteria.

We sought out to help busy families like us whether blended, single, separated with pets and children. Our home experiences the highs when all are home and the lows when our children proceed to their other homes. We also seek staff who understand this too and have decades of life experience leading their own home in balance.  

We are a very dependable and reliable company. Many indicate we are the ones sought out when others fail them or don’t show up.

We bring almost 3 decades of experience to Clean POV with our Government and City of Ottawa positions. Along with decades of leading Occupational Health and Safety Committees in the federal realm. Patty has have held many seats as a member, director and president with a number of Community Associations ( Sawmill Creek, Chapman Mills) along with a member of the Ottawa Neighbourhood Watch Executive Committee assisting the Ottawa Police Department formalize and create City wide programs.

Our company is very community involved and has become a leading nominee year after year and award winning company for 2019 as – Ottawa’s Favourite Residential Cleaning Company. After 6 years of raising a family, and  new born Patty has stepped into the Company full time in 2019 to uplevel the company and assist hundred of thousands of more  homes in the Ottawa West area.

Patty and Mike previous Barrhaven Residents and now rural have found a balance between the city they serve and the country they reside with their family.  


History of Clean POV :

The company originated in 2013 and within 6 months, Clean POV  was in a position to hire from the Military Community. Within which they closely work, hire and serve.

Within 2014 Clean POV (Clean from our Point of View ) was recognized as an approved service provider for Military members from DND and Canadian Forces and then went on to become a BlueCross accredited company to bill. Later, going on to assist City of Ottawa uniform personnel and government.

2019 – Awarded as Ottawa’s Favourite Cleaning Company and Served thousands and thousands with their home cleaning and task related services.


Safety and Security to our field- respectful of privacy

Patty Brings with her a strong community involvement - Policing at the Halton Regional Police Department in Home Safety and Neighbourhood Watch, and then later Ottawa Police Department in Victim Witness Services, Race Relations and Crown Attorney’s Office. Everyone who works within Clean POV must hold a valid police check and are trained about the importance to home safety and security.


Leading the Eco – Cleaning Method in the Capital

Being a Leader in the industry means continual education and research on all tested and approved products used within. All must pass our test based on eco- labels, animal testing, plant derivative, safe for continual exposure and usage and the health and wellbeing of all our vendors, clients, their families and our own, animals and pets and the planet. We are part of many Global Cleaning Communities and invest in our own education to ensure we are continually learning and growing within an ever-changing industry. We are a sought-after lifestyle brand which is highly respected within the Capital and work at a full capacity and continually have a wait list to use our services. Should you wish to learn more and apply within to see if your home care needs are something, we can assist with please contact us we would love to make the connection.  

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As an Industry Leader in the Capital- Professional House Assistant Corporation Residential Cleaning Services- Task Services

Face's Magazine Winner

Ottawa's Favourite Residential Cleaning Company for 2019



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