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Coaching and Mentoring


Cleaning homes since 2013

Our original mission was to help other busy professional - military- city officials- government- emergency personnel like ourselves.


This hasn't changed much other than we are busier than ever before and we delegate more to spend quality time and family dinners together without worrying about a clean kitchen and bathrooms safe and ready for usage all over again.


We love our Nanny and the outside help we have ensuring our personal and  sacred space is cared for and appreciated so we can work hard in the company and our other activities.

Leading Industry Expert

Cleaning ( primary offering)

We specialize in the recurring type of Cleans. We like to get to know the home and the people within. Of course thorough and more efficient and effective as we get to know the home better.


We pride ourselves in knowing our clients and building a lasting relationship where we get to know the home and they know exactly who is on service.

Move in /Out Cleaning

Based on the current climate and circumstances we seek to understand what specifically is needed and we will ask if additional information is needed to fulfil this type of cleaning. Please send in a quote request with as much details as possible and we will get back to you - confirming service if we can assist.



Our Cleaning services

Professional Eye


Professionally trained           ·      

Pet Friendly ·        

Unlimited and unrivaled customer service through email, phone, or chat      

All supplies and tools (Vacuums, Norwex Mops, Eco products, Eco Cloths and dusters etc.· ) no toxic or damaging substances and no mop and bucket      

Fully Insured                   ·      

Each cleaning is unique we are guided by the initial intake form. ( becomes our work order and agreement of work and 30 days of notice is required to cancel)

End of service reports and notes available  

Other family members,

We love our clients pets too! Check out our facebook page for all our furry friends. Meet one of our pups- Pheoebe :)

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Norwex in our kitchens

A clean home means peace of mind ! Leave it to the experts.



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